For over a decade, Zorin OS has provided a new and better computing experience to millions of people around the world.

In our next leap, we're making it possible to bring this advanced technology into companies, schools, and organizations.

This is our vision for the future of IT in the workplace.

Manage all of your computers.As easily as one.

Zorin Grid is a tool that makes it simple to set up, manage, and secure a fleet of Zorin OS-powered computers in your business, school, or organization.

Your PCs on autopilot.Complete control when you need it.

Imagine all of your organization's computers working in concert. When you choose to install an app or make a new security policy, it's deployed to your fleet automatically. It's just as easy to manage computers that are off-site as on-premises. Fully-owned or BYOD. And all of this can be accessed anytime, anywhere, in the cloud.

Managing computers will be like putting IT on autopilot, but you'll still have complete control over your fleet when you need it. Freeing you from repetitive maintenance, so you can focus on what matters.

That's Zorin Grid.

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Zorin Grid will allow you to…

Install and remove apps

Set software update and security patch policies

Monitor computer status

Enforce security policies

Keep track of software and hardware inventory

Set desktop settings

…and more, remotely for all computers in your organization.

How it works.

Streamlined setup.

Onboarding a new computer into your organization takes seconds, not hours. Simply install the client software on the PC, link it to your organization, and accept the enrollment in your Zorin Grid dashboard.

Configure once and for all.

Choose how to configure computers once, and Zorin Grid applies these choices across the organization going forward. You can also target configurations at a specific group of computers, or even a single PC.

Organize computers into groups.

You can create groups for teams or departments in your organization. When PCs are added to a group, all relevant apps, configurations, and policies are deployed to them automatically. No need for OS imaging.

Secure by design.

Communication between computers and the server is always encrypted. Role-Based Access Control and audit logging ensure compliance with your organization's IT security policies.

Zorin OS + Zorin Grid

Better OS.
Better work.

When an organization runs Zorin OS on their PCs, they see results. Computers run faster, so employees can be more productive. They have peace of mind, knowing that their PCs are resistant to viruses and malware. Old computers work like new, so hardware life cycles can be extended — saving money. And that's only the tip of the iceberg.

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“Because of the lower hardware requirements [of Zorin OS] alone, we're expecting to extend the life of the city's PCs by 30-40%”

“Zorin OS should also bring advantages in terms of security benefits, enabling more efficient work through better performance…”

― City of Vicenza, Italy

Switched to Zorin OS in 2016

“[Zorin Grid] could be a significant step forward for desktop Linux in education and the workplace.”


Support for more Linux-based operating systems will arrive shortly after the initial launch of Zorin Grid.

Stay tuned to learn more…

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In the meantime…

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