Zorin OS 17.1 Pro

Unleash your computer.

Zorin OS Pro brings together the best apps and most advanced features, so you can unleash the full potential of your computer to do your greatest work.

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Pick a desktop. Any desktop.

The Zorin Appearance app has been extended to include all 10 desktop layouts in Zorin OS Pro. You can use the desktop you're familiar with or simply customize your workspace to how you like it.

Premium desktop layouts only in Zorin OS Pro

macOS-like layout
Window Classic-like layout
Windows Classic-like
Windows 11-like layout
Windows 11-like
ChromeOS-like layout
GNOME 2-like layout
GNOME 2-like
Ubuntu-like layout

Standard desktop layouts

Windows-like layout
Touch layout
Windows List-like layout
Windows List-like
GNOME Shell-like layout
GNOME Shell-like

Professional-grade creative suite.

Create with the same apps the pros use. Zorin OS Pro includes an advanced video editor, Photoshop-compatible image editor, illustration software, audio workstation, animation software, and the same 3D graphics & effects software used by Hollywood studios, just to name a few. With tools this powerful, your imagination is the only limit.

Video Editor Illustration Software Image Editor 3D Graphics & Effects Software Audio Workstation

Get more done with advanced productivity tools.

Make real progress toward your goals.

Never worry about forgetting things again with Planify. It's the ultimate task manager app to help you plan your day. Create to-do lists, schedule tasks with reminders, track your progress, manage your projects, and sync it with the cloud. Its intuitive design gets out of your way, so you can focus on becoming more organized and productive.

Planify app floating off a computer monitor
Taking notes on a convertible laptop

Write, sketch, scribble, and speak your notes.

Take notes or annotate images & PDF documents effortlessly with the Xournal++ app. Pick up a pen to write naturally, draw diagrams with automatic shape recognition, or simply type with your keyboard. It can even record audio from the microphone while taking notes, so you can remember everything from your meetings or lectures.

Cast your desktop to the big screen.

The Network Displays app allows you to share your desktop with other displays seamlessly and wirelessly. It connects over your local network and works with Wi-Fi Display or Miracast-compatible devices, like most modern TVs or Wireless Display Adapters. It's perfect for playing back videos at home or showing your presentation at the office without needing to fiddle with cables.

Laptop casting a film to a TV
Film: Sprite Fright (Blender Animation Studio)Created with Blender which is included in Zorin OS Pro.
Icons of other productivity apps

…and many other productivity apps.


Mind Maps

E-book Reader

Pomodoro Timer

Accounting Software

Feed Reader

Office Suite

Screen Recorder

Ambient Sounds

Password Manager


Bundled with alternatives to over $5,000 of professional software.

  • Bundled with alternatives to over $5,000 of professional software.

    Zorin OS 17.1 Pro

    Your complete software package:
    • Professional-grade creative suite
    • Advanced productivity tools
    • Office suite (compatible with Microsoft Office/365 documents)
  • Office suite

    Microsoft Office Home & Business
  • Image editor

    Affinity Photo
  • Illustration software

    Affinity Designer
  • Audio editor

    WavePad (Standard Edition)
  • Video editor

    Adobe Premiere Pro (annual subscription)
  • Digital painting

  • Desktop publisher

    Affinity Publisher
  • Photography workflow

    AfterShot Pro
  • Finance & accounting

  • Personal task manager

  • Mind mapping

  • Computer aided design (CAD)

    Autodesk AutoCAD (annual subscription)
  • 3D graphics & VFX

    Autodesk Maya (annual subscription)
  • DJ software

    Traktor Pro
  • Digital audio workspace

    FL Studio (Fruity Edition)
  • …and more.

Stunning artwork
to inspire you.

Zorin OS Pro includes a curated collection of beautiful abstract wallpapers in addition to the standard set. They help to form an environment that will spark your creativity.

Glass Cubes wallpaper
Orange wallpaper
Refraction wallpaper
Desert Cube wallpaper
Loop wallpaper
Metal Cubes wallpaper
X wallpaper
Oil Bubble wallpaper
Tessellation wallpaper
Fabric wallpaper
Dark wallpaper
Spheres wallpaper

Support the development of Zorin OS.

As an independent company, we want to create great products that give back your privacy and freedom. Every purchase of Zorin OS Pro helps to fund our operations, so we can improve Zorin OS further for the benefit of all.

Why pay for Zorin OS

People really like Zorin OS Pro.

“Zorin OS Pro is very literally the best Linux operating system I have ever used”

“Did [Zorin OS Pro] save me money? You bet it did.”

“…installed Zorin OS Pro today. Bravo! You excelled very nicely above and beyond my prior Zorin OS Core

“I paid for this OS and I never do that. I have to say it is worth every penny!

“Love the OS experience, happy to support the Pro version.

Compare Zorin OS editions.

Pro Core
Office suitecompatible with Microsoft Office/365 documents
Zorin Connectlink your phone and computer together
Standard desktop layoutsin Zorin Appearance
+ 6 Premium desktop layoutsmacOS, Windows 11, Windows Classic, ChromeOS,
GNOME 2, and Ubuntu
Professional-grade creative suite of apps
Advanced productivity tools
Additional artworkcurated collection of abstract wallpapers
Supports the development of Zorin OS

Unleash your computer.

Download Zorin OS Pro ⋅ incl. sales tax

Frequently asked questions.

I lost my download link for Zorin OS Pro. Can I download it without paying again?
You can request a new download link for your copy of Zorin OS Pro here.

As a business, can I purchase Zorin OS Pro without sales tax?
Yes, you can pay without sales tax by selecting the "Add tax/VAT/GST number" option at the "Pay" stage of the checkout. More information

Is this a subscription?
No, it's a one-time purchase. You won't need to pay again to keep using your copy of Zorin OS 17 Pro.

How can I check whether my computer works with Zorin OS Pro before purchasing it?
You can test running Zorin OS Core, which can be downloaded for free from here. You'll be able to run the operating system from a USB flash drive before installing it. If everything works on your computer, you can purchase a copy of Zorin OS Pro and install it.

Can I install Zorin OS Pro without the creative suite and advanced productivity tools?
Yes, while installing Zorin OS Pro to your computer you can select the "Minimal installation" option to keep just the core selection of apps, premium desktop layouts in Zorin Appearance, and additional artwork.

Can I install my copy of Zorin OS Pro on multiple computers?
You can install a copy of Zorin OS Pro on multiple computers for personal use. However, sharing your personal copy of Zorin OS Pro with other parties is not permitted.
For use in a business or organization, you will need to purchase a copy of Zorin OS Pro for each computer you intend to use it on. To do so, please press the "Download" button on this page, enter your email address, and click the Edit link beside "Quantity" in the pricing table of the checkout.

Will I get access to future updates of Zorin OS Pro?
The purchase will give you access to Zorin OS 17 Pro as well as future updates within the 17 release series, such as upcoming point releases. Zorin OS 18 Pro will need to be purchased separately when it will be released in the future. We will continue to support Zorin OS 17 with software updates until at least June 2027, and you will be able to use Zorin OS 17 Pro for life.

What is the refund policy for Zorin OS Pro?
You can view our refund policy for purchases of Zorin OS Pro here.

Can I upgrade directly from Zorin OS Core to Pro without re-installing the operating system?
Yes, you can upgrade your existing installation of Zorin OS Core to Pro in-place while keeping your files, apps, and settings. You can learn how to use the built-in "Upgrade Zorin OS" app to do this in our upgrade guide.